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Laura Pallin is a seasoned real estate professional with a diverse background spanning 17 years in the industry. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, she was drawn to the vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes of San Francisco, eventually becoming a permanent resident in 2012. Laura's love for architecture, topography, music, art, and culture, combined with her interest in urban infill, led her to pursue a career in real estate.

She began her San Francisco real estate journey in luxury residential leasing, where she developed a keen understanding of the market. Recognizing the challenges tenants faced with rising rents, she transitioned to assisting them in becoming homeowners. Over time, Laura expanded her expertise to represent landlords in selling their investment properties, leveraging the seller's market in San Francisco.

Laura's in-depth knowledge of property types, community and professional resources, market trends, and micro-neighborhoods, as well as her connections to industry experts, has allowed her to excel in her role. She is recognized for her ability to guide both first-time and experienced buyers in understanding the nuances of the San Francisco real estate market, ensuring smooth transactions and favorable terms.

Her upbringing and education, including being the editor of her school newspaper and literary magazine, earning a B.A. in journalism from the University of Oregon, and working in commercial real estate in Portland, have contributed to her strong communication and negotiation skills. Laura's passion for health and exercise, love for exploring the city, interest in green building and sustainability, and involvement in volunteer work further enrich her personal and professional profile.

Living on the border of North Beach and Russian Hill, Laura enjoys immersing herself in the city's rich history and culture, often frequenting iconic establishments like City Lights Bookstore and Vesuvio Café. She also embraces her love for literature, film, television, and live music, showcasing her diverse range of interests beyond the real estate realm. Her commitment to leadership and involvement in the San Francisco Association of Realtors underlines her dedication to her profession and community.

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